Solar Lamp


Solar for Togo
Open, local, small production volumes, social and sustainable design, that’s what this project is all about. Solar Without Bordaries has a number of years of experience in developing solar panels locally in African countries. In 2011 Solar started a new project in which a solar lamp became available at an affordable price for local villagers through a rental system.

Solar Without Bordaries aims to offer a sustainable solar lamp to the people in Togo. The first version of the solar lamp was already in use when starting the co-creation project. Feedback generated from the first test phase was used to start the redesign project. The original lamp is made from calebas, a kind of pumpkin. In a village where there’s no electricity available, villagers can rent a lamp for 1,5 euro per year and return it to a so-called Solar Kiosk whenever the battery needs recharging and replace it with a fully charged model for 15 cent. The lamp and solar panels are produced locally to promote employment and transfer of knowledge.

Solar Kiosk
The first solar kiosk in Togo is situated in Agou-Avédjé. A solar kiosk is a centrally located building on which solar panels are installed on the roof and where people can recharge their lamps, mobile phones and battery boxes.

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