Scrappy, the recycling robot

‘Design for Impact’ and the Howest-University College facilitates her knowledge and expertise in partnership with the Flemish foundation MyMachine to stimulate learners in creating their own dream machine.

Within the MyMachine-project in Flanders, Belgium, many children’s ideas refer to exchange of ideas and ‘dream machines’ with other countries, especially in the south. MyMachine Foundation started a project to run a 2-year MyMachine-pilot in collaboration with one or more partner countries in the south. Children/students from both north and south are involved in a bilateral exchange within the MyMachine-traject.

Scrappy, the recycling robot from Oliver DeWolf


The concept for the first pilot process goes as follow:

Phase 1 – Idea generation:
Children from elementary schools in Flanders invent ‘dream machines’ for their peers in the South. And children from elementary schools in the partner country (South Africa) invent ‘dream machines’, applicable to their own situation.


Phase 2 – Concept:
Both set of Ideas from both continents are exchanged and discussed, to result in a limited set of ‘best ideas for dream machines’. One of these ideas will eventually be ‘designed’ with the childeren to a ‘proof of concept’.


Phase 3 – Materialization:
Last but not least, the machine will eventually be built according to the ideas and feedback of the learners.


Phase 4 – A building package for the learners in Flanders:
After the machine is built in the partner country, tech schools in Flanders will also work on the realisation of a ‘building package’ that allows children both in the North and South to be able to put together this ‘dream machine’ themselves.

Want to know more…? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about this project. Check the following link Want to see our story trough the lens of South-African national television (etv).
Related to this project we are also working on a product/toy that will assist the MyMachine foundation in her aim to be a sustainable social business. To know more about this project visit our projects.


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