Non Food Items for disaster relief

Non Food Items (NFI) are any non food article, tool, utensil which contributes to the physical and or psychological health of population affected by a significant deterioration in their environment which threatens their survival.

NFI could cover several needs: hygiene, cooking, personal care, warming, shelter, health, education etc… Normally they are material, objects and tools already present on the market some time, but not corresponding, of not adapted exactly to what MSF (relief actors in general) look for in term of

  • quality (appropriate in the context, economical, available on the local, regional, international market, eco-friendly…)

  • ergonomic design (easy to use, easy to carry, appropriate for gender, age, people with reduced mobility etc…)

  • multi-functional, re-usable, easy to adapt, sustainable

  • ease of deployment (production, transport, space, storage conditions)

Students of Howest – Industrial Design are working to make this system innovative, sustainable and adaptable to the context. With respect to open source, free availability and possibility of local production, technology and manpower. And focus on a sustainable reconstruction.


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